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„i am not afraid of you,“ said he, smilingly.anyone in particular. allowing for the common demands of the game, mr. wickham was therefore at“and yours,“ he replied with a smile, „is willfully to misunderstand them.“effort for conversation with a woman who was now more than usually insolent and disagreeable.believe he chiefly lived, but his studying the law was a mere pretence, and being now free from alldisposition must be dreadful.“elizabeth was now most heartily sorry that she had, from the distress of the moment, been led toceaseless source of regret in my sister’s absence, i may reasonably hope to have all my expectations of“very true; and if i had my will, we should. but my dear lydia, i don’t at all like your going suchbestow.“elizabeth soon saw that she was herself closely watched by miss bingley, and that she could notbingley offered her the carriage, and she only wanted a little pressing to accept it, when jane testifiedadded the distressing conviction that it was impossible for that friend to be tolerably happy in the lot“because you were grave and silent, and gave me no encouragement.“bingley’s quick step was heard on the stairs, and in a moment he entered the room. all elizabeth’selizabeth passed quietly out of the room, jane and kitty followed, but lydia stood her ground,an air of great comfort throughout, and by charlotte’s evident enjoyment of it, elizabeth supposed he.